Stage 1

Stage One

STAGE 1 TITLES AVAILABLE NOW Golden Grove Estate is surrounded by bushland and close to schools, parks, walking tracks and local shops. Boasting lot sizes from 508m2 to 698m2. The BAL for all Stage 1 allotments is 12.5.

Modern living in beautiful surrounds

Golden Grove is inspired living in beautiful surrounds. You’re near the facilities you need; shopping, transport, parks and walking tracks. With both small and large blocks available, there is block to suit your lifestyle.

golden grove stage 1 plan
golden grove stage 1 plan

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Purchaser information

Subdivision information downloads. For more information call Damien O’Shannessy at Bendigo Real Estate on 0417 055 593.

Lot sizes and prices

We have a range of lot sizes and prices. Lots range between 512m2 and 1055m2.

Lot 1619m2--SOLD
Lot 2512m216m$122,500Available
Lot 3512m216m$122,500Available
Lot 4512m216m-UNDER OFFER
Lot 5512m216m$122,500Available
Lot 6512m2--SOLD
Lot 7698m2--SOLD
Lot 81055m2--SOLD
Lot 9746m2--SOLD
Lot 10713m2--SOLD
Lot 11777m2--SOLD
Lot 12508m2--SOLD
Lot 13512m2--SOLD
Lot 14512m216m$120,000Available
Lot 15512m2--SOLD
Lot 16512m216m$119,000Available
Lot 17576m218m$125,000SOLD
Lot 18512m216m$120,000Available
Lot 19904m2--SOLD
Lot 20571m2--SOLD
Lot 21576m2--SOLD
Lot 22576m218m$125,000Available
Lot 23512m216m$120,000Available